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Governance Structure


Members, as legal owners, have ultimate control over the academy trust. They have the power to appoint or remove trustees and amend the trust's articles of association, a primary governing document of the Trust. Members also have the power to dissolve the academy trust if necessary.


Trustees are responsible for the overall management of the academy trust. They oversee the strategic direction of the trust and ensure that its academies provide high-quality education. Trustees also have legal and financial responsibilities, ensure high standards of corporate governance and that the trust complies with all relevant regulations and legislation.

Local Governing Bodies

Local governing bodies are responsible for the day-to-day management of individual academies within the trust. They oversee the implementation of the academy's policies and ensure that the school is providing a high-quality education. Local governing bodies are accountable to the academy trust's board of trustees.

Executive Team

The executive team, consisting of the Executive Headteacher of the trust, Headteacher and Heads of School, are responsible for the operational management of the academy trust. This includes managing the finances, HR, and legal affairs of the trust. The executive team also provides support and guidance to the local governing bodies and ensures that the trust is meeting its educational and financial goals and obligations.