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Our Vision and Values

Our Trust vision

To inspire in our children a love of learning, the ability to think critically and make informed choices in preparation of their future.



Our core purpose is to provide life changing educational experiences that allow all children, no matter their starting point or personal circumstances, to experience learning success through:


  • a high-quality education through a skill-based curriculum that provides breadth and enriched opportunities
  • a focus on personal development and wellbeing, so our children are resilient, determined and confident; and staff who are creative and innovative
  • a high quality, inclusive education that raises aspirations for all
  • empowering children in a disciplined nurturing environment to enable them to make progress towards their goals



Every child is an individual and so is each setting in our Trust. We embrace creativity, collaborate, adapt, develop leaders and respond to changes around us. We actively look for innovative ideas and explore new thinking in our efforts to do the best for our school community. Our children are happy and take pride in being part of our schools!